An Interview with Ramin Fallah (Part 3)

We reviewed the interview with Ramin Fallah in the previous two articles,(part 1 & part 2) and we are at your service in this article. Have you ever conducted any research on Imam Khomeini’s thoughts and ideas? Ramin Fallah: My thesis subject for graduation was “Islamic Banking in Iran” and I extracted from Imam Khomeini’s […]

An Interview with Ramin Fallah (PART 2)

Would you please explain more about the relationships in the assembly and its position? Ramin Fallah: Some cases of role and position descent of the assembly are caused by the fault of the assembly itself. At the current moment, some representatives are involved with miscellaneous works. Law-making consumes a great deal of time in the […]

An interview with Ramin Fallah (PART 1)

Ramin Fallah was born in 1958, in Gonabad (Khorasan-Razavi). He was admitted in University of Mashhad in 1974 to study in higher education. This young theologian, then, knew the Supreme Leader of Revolution and got accustomed with Imam Khomeini’s ideas and opinions. After the changes came after Islamic Revolution, he moved to England to study […]