Would you please explain more about the relationships in the assembly and its position?

Ramin Fallah: Some cases of role and position descent of the assembly are caused by the fault of the assembly itself. At the current moment, some representatives are involved with miscellaneous works. Law-making consumes a great deal of time in the assembly. Moreover, the representatives are supposed to monitor law enforcement. There is also another thing that the representatives should do, although not their defined duty, and that is addressing the issues and problems about the election constituency. The administrative system of our country is organized in a way that if the representative of a city does not address the problems of his/her home, everything will stop and no progression will occur. On the other hand, people expect the representative to address the issues of a city. If a representative want to advance the affairs of his/her city and election constituency, he/ she should spent much time. Hence, the representative does not have enough time for one of the most important responsibilities of him/ her which is correct monitoring the law enforcement.

Accordingly, how can you explain about the supervisory section of assembly?

Ramin Fallah: If the assembly does not efficiently supervise everything, the government sometimes leaves its commitment to follow the assembly-approved rules. Under such a circumstance, the assembly-approved laws are not completely implemented and the assembly does not interrogates the government about rule violation. Since the representative are voluntarily or unwantedly involved with miscellaneous works, they do not have enough time to fulfill their supervisory responsibilities.

Some believe that the assembly should also be blamed.

Ramin Fallah: Another predicament in which the assembly might get stuck is politicizing that in two ways can negatively influence the assembly role in fulfilment of the mission designated for it by the constitutional law and also, its position. Sometimes, the assembly does not cooperate with the government due to political and party-dependent issues, or in contrast, it overlooks the government mistakes because of party based biases and it blindly supports the government performance. Therefore, national benefits are ruined on one hand, and on the other hand, the government might plan to weakens the assembly due to political motivations. All these degrade the assembly position. The other problem is that at the time of submitting responsibilities to the representatives, meritocracy is ignored so that some unqualified forces are preferred to the others due to political or ethnical issues. This problem might influence the assembly performance and results in its weakness.

It should be also noted that sometimes the assembly seems to be turned into a rule-making factory because of multiple jobs of the representatives and various legislations. Some rules lack efficient strength. Unfortunately, the assembly head is sometimes in rush to approve the legislations so that he prohibits the “agree” and “disagree” parties from speaking. In this case, the representatives vote for something that is not fully cleared and identified, and they are not aware of their mistakes. I do not understand why some insist on rapid approval of the legislations and bills while these types of rules lack sufficient strength. Recently, mobile phones are also turned into a great problem because a great number of representative have to answer their clients’ phone calls in the open sessions of the parliament. Therefore, they do not pay enough attention to the issues discussed.

What is the idea of you, as a representative of people in the Islamic Consultative Assembly, about how positive the performance of the 9th assembly is?

Ramin Fallah: The representatives work so hard. Their useful working hours are about 13 or 14 in a whole day. In working days of the assembly and when monitoring the constituencies, the representatives’ day starts at the time they wake up for morning pray and they work until 1 or 2 a.m. A representative has a limited time for rest. Most of the representatives in the 9th assembly are compassionate and they passionately supports the bills and legislations that are benefiting for the society and especially for the vulnerable class. It does not mean that all outcomes of the assembly are desirable. A representative would not have enough timebecause he/she is involved in multiple jobs. Although the representative consume a great deal of time and work so hard, we cannot claim that the best rules are ratified in the assembly and they do not need modification. In my opinion, the assembly is weak at the supervisory dimension. That’s because the representative lack enough time and they have no opportunity to monitor law enforcement. I think that the assembly cannot get an acceptable score in this part.

Regarding the recent changes (especially, in terms of Join Comprehensive Plan of Action), what is your opinion about the relationship between Iran and America? Will this relationship improve as time passes? That’s what Mr. Khomeini had stated.

Ramin Fallah: Imam Khomeini said that the relationship between America and Iran is just like the relationship of a wolf with a sheep. This relationship has no benefit for us. It does not mean that there is a red line for us and we can never make contact with USA. In a day we have got more power and USA leaves its wolf-like nature, the relationship will be permitted.

Can we now expect USA to repent?

Ramin Fallah: Naturally, we cannot expect such thing from USA under the current circumstance. Imam Khomeini worried if Americans hurt our regime or influence our culture. If we are powerful in terms of national solidarity, improve our religious culture and develop more technologies, then we do not have to worry about such things. There is only one country which we do not recognize and that’s Israel. We never ever will have any kind of relationship with the country because it’s not recognized by us. However, we recognize USA. Finally, I should note that only if a conspiracy- and dominancy-free relationship is waiting for us, we can think about making a relationship with USA. There should be a guarantee that the relationship has got no harm for Islamic Revolution. The exact time of linkage is going to be determined by our Supreme Leader and all of us should commit to and follow his ideas.

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