It is more than enough to simply do Google to know Ramin Fallah’s characteristics. Within the last few years, he has been being on the scene as one of the most extreme and active political figures. Moreover, his name is seen in the most challenging political moments in our country.

What did you do after he registered as a candidate?

Ramin Fallah: I did not agree with his candidacy because it was too soon for him to be a presidential candidate. It was better for him to put step forward about 4 years later. I do not mean that he lost his chance but he had better to register in candidacy 4 years later. When he entered the presidential election procedure, I respected his decisions and supported him.

Did his failure in presidential election mean defeat for the Conservative party?

Ramin Fallah: No.

Why the votes for that party were so scant?

Ramin Fallah: The votes were not scant. According to calculations, about 50% of the total votes belonged to the conservative party. The final candidates were eight and then, the number reduced to six. Among them, there was a clergyman. Many said : “Ahmadinejad did not perform well, let’s vote for a clergyman to see what he will do”.

Do you confirm that people preferred a clergyman to Ahmadinejad’s party?

Ramin Fallah: The trusted more on a clergyman.

You said that about 50% of the total votes belonged to conservative party. In my opinion, most of the votes of Ghalibaf and Rezayi were submitted by themselves. I even claim that 70% of Mohsen Rezayi’s votes was submitted by himself.

Ramin Fallah: I think that most of Mr. Rohani’s votes were submitted by the conservatives.

What about the reformist party?

Ramin Fallah: In my opinion, the reformists are categorized into two groups: a group adapts reformism from the western arrogant countries to which I do not consider any respect; the other group is trying to reform many things in line with the regime principles.

To which group did Mr. Khatami belong?

Ramin Fallah: You should ask this question from himself. I am talking about the reformists’ performance and the manifesto Mr. Akbar Ganji provided for the reformists…

Akbar Ganji was a fundamental member of Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, wasn’t he? After a while, he exited the corps.

Ramin Fallah: He was in the Revolutionary Guard Corps for four years (until 1985) and then, he left the corps. He never has been in the war field. He and his friends were the reason of all the conflicts in Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

Does Mr. Khatami follow Akbar Ganji’s manifesto?

Ramin Fallah: If he disagreed with that manifesto, he should condemn it.

Do you agree with putting his name in no-photo, no-voice and no-fly lists?

Ramin Fallah: Yes, I do.

Do you think that he is a destroying figure?

Ramin Fallah: No. His words are not similar at the back-stage and on the scene. We should follow humanity. He should declare in the society that there was no cheating at all.

He is a popular character and many people like him.

Ramin Fallah: Who says that he is a popular character? He is popular only in your eyes.

In the last polling course, he could gain high number of votes.

Ramin Fallah: If he had numerous votes, he did not give up and submit his candidacy position to Mousavi. In 2009, he traveled to three cities and saw that no one would vote for him. Then, he gave up and let Mousavi come over.

Maybe he was afraid of disqualification.

Ramin Fallah: No, it’s not true.

Would not he be disqualified if he registered for candidacy?

Ramin Fallah: No, he would not be disqualified.

Mr. Hashemi was disqualified.

Ramin Fallah: There’s a different story about him.

You claim that Mr. Khatami is not a popular character. He was far from power for 8 years. Why are you sensitive to an unpopular person who has no power?

Ramin Fallah: I ask you another question. Why a person with no position and seat is shown in TV programs?

So, Mr. Ahmadinejad also should not be shown on TV.

Ramin Fallah: Is he shown on TV now?

Anyway, he (Khatami) is an exemplary character and media can interview him.

Ramin Fallah: Did not media members interview him? Did not they publish his photo? He has no position and there is no reason to write about him. How much news and texts are written about other figures who have no power and position? We believe that Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting should not talk about a person who does not specify his position.

I think that this discussion will lead to nowhere. Let me ask you more personal questions. Did you lose your finger in the war?

Ramin Fallah: No, I lost it before the war (he is not interested in explaining about this issue).

I have some questions about Facebook and other social media. Do you have an account in social media?

Ramin Fallah: I am not acquainted with these things.

What about your children?

Ramin Fallah: They have social media account. They use internet and surf on Facebook and other social media because they are students and they need technology.

Do you agree with the limitations imposed on internet use?

Ramin Fallah: Internet is not troublesome as long as it is used for profitable affairs. However, I do not accept it as culture creature. Internet has both positive and negative applications. We should be careful about using it.

What about satellites?

Ramin Fallah: Satellite is as the same as internet. There’s no difference between them. They come to our houses and influence our children who are not still familiar with the principles of belief and faith.

Why are these technologies expanded so much? Religious families, also, have satellite. Governmental forces should rush into their homes and …

Ramin Fallah: No, it is the owner’s business.

Do you set Hijab obligation for your children?

Ramin Fallah: I don’t have any daughter. I have four daughter-in-laws all of whom are students. They have no problem in terms of Hijab. They decide for their personal clothing because they have self-made characters.

Do your children take part in economic activities?

Ramin Fallah: No, they don’t.

Would you introduce your children’s jobs?

Ramin Fallah: Two of them work in Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, one of them is student and the other one lives with us.

Have you ever used your relations in favor of your children?

Ramin Fallah: No. Declare a case if you find one.

Do not they get upset with that?

Ramin Fallah: It’s up to them. I have trained them in this way.

Two of them have taken part in military service. Is that right?

Ramin Fallah: No, they are exempted from military service.

So you used the so-called law of exemption.

Ramin Fallah: I did not do anything. They, themselves, did everything.

Two of your children can be easily exempted from military service.

Ramin Fallah: All of them can be exempted from military service.

What about their education?

Ramin Fallah: One of them is an engineer. The other one is graduated from Shahid Beheshti University. Another one is graduated from Qom University.

Did not you use any personal privilege in this regard?

Ramin Fallah: What type of privilege are you talking about?

The privilege of being a warrior.

Ramin Fallah: They may use that privilege.

Did your children marry to political families’ daughters?

Ramin Fallah: No.

I think that your daughter-in-laws’ fathers are members of  Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

Ramin Fallah: One of them is a veteran and doctor. The other one is Mr. Fadavi, the commander of Navy Force of Guard Corps.

Why the children of Hemmat, Bakeri and other warriors are in “reformist” group?

Ramin Fallah: I wish all the reformists were like these children.

You mean that the reformists should possess both religious beliefs and critical thought.

Ramin Fallah: It’s ok. Just like our children.

Is it possible that their votes differ from yours?

Ramin Fallah: I do not tell them to whom they should or should not vote.

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