An Open and Different Interview with Ramin Fallah (PART 2)

It is more than enough to simply do Google to know Ramin Fallah’s characteristics. Within the last few years, he has been being on the scene as one of the most extreme and active political figures. Moreover, his name is seen in the most challenging political moments in our country.

You have read the first part of our conversation with Ramin Fallah in PART 1. Here’s the second part.

There were some left-wing students, also. Ghelichkhani and Jalal Talebi…

Ramin Fallah: No! There were some lift-wing people but they did not show-up. Their activities were hidden. For example, Mr. Ghuchan-nejad and Bemani were playing in Abu-Moslem but later on they worked as engineers in Jihad of Construction Organization.

Was Ghuchan-nejad a relative of Reza?

Ramin Fallah: I do not know. If Reza is a relative of the Ghuchan-nejad family in Mashhad, then they have close relationships. They may be his uncles or father-bounden relatives. They were faithful and committed characters. We fasted in hot weathers, like these days.

In Takht-e Jamshid League?

Ramin Fallah: Yes. We practiced three times a day: morning, noon and afternoon. We wanted to go to Shiraz and Khuzestan. When we traveled, we did not fast and it was not legally wrong. However, when we were in Mashhad, we were always present in the exercise sessions (even sooner than other players) while we were in fast.

How could you get that much energy?

Ramin Fallah: You have to get used to it. Some people think it’s hard to live in this way and they’ll be under pressure. However, they can get used to it.

It’s claimed that today’s youth have been grown up by vegetable (not animal) oils. Does it matter?

Ramin Fallah: No! We did also eat vegetable oil [he laughed]. We believed in it and we did it. For example, in crowded and chaotic days of 1977, my friends invited me to exercise and leave the demonstrations. However, I chose demonstration.

You were in Mashhad when Revolution took place. You were accompanying Mr. Hashemi-nejad and Ayatollah Khamenei…

Ramin Fallah: Yes, I were. I listened to Ayatollah Khomeini’s words in Imam Reza Hospital and Imam Reza University. My friends told me not to go there.

Did not you have any problem?

Ramin Fallah: I did. Once I was about to be arrested. One day, three individuals became martyr (in Naderi intersection). Then, I got stuck in Ayatollah Shirazi’s house. I was about to be gun shot.

Did not you have problem in your sport team?

Ramin Fallah: We were incognito activists. Although our photos were published in newspapers, our activities were hidden.

Did you change your appearance and face [laughing]?

Ramin Fallah: No, we did not act emotionally. I was completely aware of what I was doing and I knew the dangers. When we went to war, we knew if we would become martyr or injured.

Was it easy for you to decide to leave football aside and turn to that field?

Ramin Fallah: Yes.

When did it happen? You had good revenue, then.

Ramin Fallah: I earned 3.000 Tomans and I could monthly gain 10.000-12.000 Tomans. Since I was a soldier, I did not have pre-payment and I only could receive bounce. I was sergeant 3. In 1975, I went to university but I was not allowed for education due to special reasons.

Where were you admitted?

Ramin Fallah: Physical Education- University of Tehran. I was a top student but they did not admit me.

Why did not they admit you in the university?

Ramin Fallah: I have never agreed with favoritism or cronyism. I would never do such a thing for my children, even. They told me: “your nose is deflected”.

You were not accepted in the physical examination. It was claimed that you had to get naked in front of the referees.

Ramin Fallah: I could not take that test because before that, I was told that my nose was deflected. They told this to me and I immediately said goodbye [he laughed]. I was not easily undertaken by any word.

So, 40 years ago, your nose prevented you from studying in University of Tehran.

Ramin Fallah: They told me so. It was about 39 years ago, in 1975. I was not that much upset. I went to Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps for military services. Then, passing different problems, I reached Abu-Moslem and I became a football player, again. I was playing in Takht-e Jamshid League. I was trained for 6 months, in Karaj. I wanted to go to Azerbaijan or Mashhad and finally, I went to Mashhad. In the first 3 months, I served in Iran-Afghanistan border (around Taybad) in Saleh-Abad. Another Soldier and I were serving there. Unfortunately, he was drug-addicted.

That serving location was considered a paradise to him, was not it?

Ramin Fallah: Yes! He was a Marxist. I tried to change his mind but it did not work.

So, you had many structure-oriented discussions with each other. Like the discussions between Sorush and Tabari…

Ramin Fallah: Yes, but no one of us got convinced. After praying, I ran in 10-15 km. After a while, I asked for transference to another location and my request was accepted. I went to Abu-Moslem and stayed there until the Revolution time.

Recently, your name has frequently appeared in news headlines. Mr. Dayi came to meet and then, something was said about fictitious Military Service End card.

Ramin Fallah: I did not say anything, then, because I was waiting for the final results. They, however, proposed some objections. They claimed that several individuals’ Military Service End cards are fake and they asked for clarification. I did not want that issue to be covered by media, even if someone has fictitious card. It was better to directly ban the fouling person. People’s reputation does matter. There is a great difference between those who are committed to laws and those who want to damage the others’ reputation. I do not want to damage someone’s reputation because of his fault. If he repeated his mistake, the problem will be addressed. I told Mr. Dayi that I would address this issue just like a legislator and I did not want to interfere.

Representative, especially the members of boards of directors, are interested in interfering in football. Football is a utopia to many.

Ramin Fallah: It is not true about me.

I want to emphasize that. You always say that you were independent all the time.

About 20 years ago, I was offered to be appointed to head to Football Federation. I was and am not interested in it. People should not always look for great responsibilities but they should find an opportunity to efficiently influence others and things.

Were you disappointed of football?

Ramin Fallah: No, not then. I still do not accept their offerings. I do not give myself airs and graces. I know other people can do that job. Why should I interfere?

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