An Open and Different Interview with Ramin Fallah (PART 3)

It is more than enough to simply do Google to know Ramin Fallah’s characteristics. Within the last few years, he has been being on the scene as one of the most extreme and active political figures. Moreover, his name is seen in the most challenging political moments in our country.

You have previously read the first and second parts of our interview with Ramin Fallah. You can read the third part here.

I am sure that in 1994, when you were offered to be employed in Football Federation, you would not accept to become a candid of parliament if you were suggested.

Ramin Fallah: You are right. I did not put a step forwards to become a representative in the parliament.

In 1994, you were called “Brother” in guard corps and no words about military grades were uttered.

Ramin Fallah: The grades were granted, then. In 1990, Ahmad Kazemi, Ghasem Soleymani, Ali Fazli and some others punctured our finger tips and wrote with our blood: “we have not come for grades”. Mohsen took that letter to Mr. Khomeini and told him that these guys are on their words. We went to meet our Supreme Leader and he said: “Mr. Khomeini and I emphasize on your gradation. I know you, now, but what should the future authorities who do not know you? If you do not want any grade, a criteria should be considered to rate you. Employees call that criterion “rank” and militarists  call it “grade”. There should be a ranking benchmark for everyone”. Then, we did accept their words. However, our Supreme Leader pointed to a strange note: “If you are afraid of a piece of fabric on your shoulder and you think that you’ll deviate from your right pass, then you have to reclaim yourself!”.

War-field and 27th Mohammad Rasulullah Division; Ahmad Motevasseliyan, Hemmat, Karimi and you. The division had to free Karbala from the enemies hands.

Ramin Fallah: That division equaled our heart and life. And about that slogan… the soldiers’ purpose was to reach Karbala because they had divine intents and targets. Therefore, they believed that Karbala should not had been in hands of Saddam. If we could reach Karbala, Saddam would certainly collapse. Hence, that was our slogan.

Why did the slogan change? Imam Khomeini told: “The path to Karbala passes through Jerusalem”. However, Ahmad Motevaselian went to Lebanon.

Ramin Fallah: Our slogan did not change. After Beit ol-Moqaddas operation and liberation of Khorramshahr, America and Israel got to know our sensitivity to the south part of Lebanon and that if Israel attacked, we would react. When they attacked that location and reached Beirut, it was decided that Iran and some other Arabian countries send out their troops to Lebanon in order to support that country. We sent our troops but other countries did not. Imam Khomeini recognized that those Arabian countries broke their covenant and he commanded us to return back. Some of our members remained in Syria and Lebanon and established “Resistance Front” (Jebhe-ye Moghavemat).

What happened to Ahmad Motevaseliyan? Do you, as his friend and soldier, think that he is alive?

Ramin Fallah: I feel that he was martyred that time. However, since nobody has witnessed and confirmed this claim, we hope that he is still alive. I knew him. He could not tolerate captivation and prison. That’s why I claim that he’s martyred.

After Martyr Karimi, you became the commander of the troop. You were less directly been present in the war field. Is that true?

Ramin Fallah: No that’s not true. I was present in the war field more than the others.

Within 3 years, three commanders of that troop became martyred. So, it’s not unlikely that …

Ramin Fallah: These are gossips that are spread by someone who hate me, and I leave them to God to be judged and punished. We did not have sufficient facilities to give to the troops. I went within the war field to prove them that I was next to troop under any condition. It induced brevity in them. We did not have enough time to train the soldiers. Public people came over to fight in war field. They were trained for 72 hours and went to fight. We did not have any other solution. Ebrahim Hemmat, always, recommended us (as the troop commander, unit authority, division commander) to stand in front of the troops and talk to them so that they could know us. That was because we did not have any military grade. In the last days, some people came and they did not know us. A 17- or 18-year old teenager was also between them who did not know his commander. Only the commander might know his troop. In Karbala-5 operation, we were in Mahi Channel. A 17-year old teenager next to me told his friend with fear: “the commanders are in back-line and they sent us to the war field”. A soldier who knew me told him: “don’t bullshit! The troop owner is next to you”. Owner [he laughed]! Our opponents have spread those gossips because we told that it a court was held for 1388 (2009) events, Mr. Musavi and Mr. Karubi would be sentenced to death. They would be really sentenced to execution. My opponents are upset because of those words and they spread gossips about me.

Good topic to discuss. Do you prefer a court to be held for those events?

Ramin Fallah: If any court is held for those figures, they will be sentenced to death.

Why no court session has been held for them?

Ramin Fallah: Court session? That’s because some authorities disagree and believe that it would be not benefiting. No other barrier there exists.

Who disagree with that court?

Ramin Fallah: Some of the authorities. Some believe that someday the offenders may feel regretful and sorry for their deed. You must be sure that the election was free of any cheating. Under any condition and circumstance, I state that there was no cheating at all.

How did you meet Ahmadinejad?

Ramin Fallah: I met him in Friday praying.

It might be before his appointment in municipality. Somebody says that in the first 4-year of his presidency, you were the intermediate ring between Ahmadinejad and Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. Is that right?

Ramin Fallah: Not at all. It’s not true. They lie.

Did not you have any relationship with each other?

Ramin Fallah: No, we did not. I do not work for others.

I think you are not like the members of Front of Islamic Revolution Stability.

Ramin Fallah: What’s wrong with stability front members?

They are claimed to be extremist.

Ramin Fallah: Those are just claims.

For example, Mr. Kuchakzade and Rasayi…

Ramin Fallah: I do believe in their deeds. I live with them here. They may be somehow extremist but their words are right.

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