It is more than enough to simply do Google to know Ramin Fallah’s characteristics. Within the last few years, he has been being on the scene as one of the most extreme and active political figures. Moreover, his name is seen in the most challenging political moments in our country.

Their speech style is …

Someone is aggressive and the other one is calm …

If you sit on your seat as a normal individual and listen to your friends’ speech in Consultative Assembly, you will think that a war has started in the country.

Ramin Fallah: In the last year, did you see this speech style from them? Those who live in glass house should not throw stones. Why everyone expressed congratulation in 2013 when Mr. Rohani won the election? Why did not you do so in 2009? In 1997, Mr. Khatami won the election and Mr. Nategh congratulated him. Why this did not happen in 2009 and 2005? These are my questions.

Do you think that people must be led to Paradise even with whips and obligations?

Ramin Fallah: Nobody accepts this idea. Who says that people should be led to Paradise with whips and lashes? Who has said so? Did Imam Khomeini express this idea? Did the Supreme Leader say so? Who did tell this? This is a game of words. What are these words? They want to acquit themselves. There are specific frameworks in every countries. Can you talk about Holocaust in European countries? No you cannot. That’s because there is a specific framework in those countries. Every countries have their own rules.

And any rule has its own limitations. For example, it seems that the main problem for Hijab issue is limitlessness.

Ramin Fallah: That’s because there are disagreements in this regard.

That is true. There is no definite boundary in this regard.

Ramin Fallah: The boundaries are defined by disagreements but some consider it as a political issues.

They are from both side, right?

Ramin Fallah: Yes.

Now, there is a conflict between the President, who is a clergyman, and Imam of Friday Pray.

Ramin Fallah: The main issue is that we do not want to remain in theories but we seek action. He is an executive authority and he should practically fulfill his responsibilities. We do not want to merely create theories and stick to them. Within more than thirty years ago, did anybody oblige you to pray for God? This is a private affair. However, when you walk in the society, you have to follow the rules.

If you were an executive authority, would you let Guidance Patrol remain?

Ramin Fallah: I would first train them about how to treat and behave with people. Absolutely, I would do so.

Do you mean that you would absolutely let the Guidance Patrol remain?

Ramin Fallah: Yes. That’s because there is a group that is planning for promoting Hijab crisis in Iran.

The group you’re talking about is not among our people.

Ramin Fallah: Definitely they are.

Is it possible that a 17- or 18-year old girl or a 18-year old boy plans for crisis promotion?

Ramin Fallah: That group is trying to provide an appropriate space for injecting brevity in others to promote crisis.

Shall Judicial system and Law Enforcement Force prioritize arresting some kids who make HAPPY vide-clip or fighting against corruption and 3.000 billion-dollar embezzlement?

Ramin Fallah: Every types of crimes shall be addressed.

Which one is the priority?

Ramin Fallah: The embezzler has to be arrested and the kids, also, should be treated based on the right law.

The kids were arrested within 6 hours and the embezzler is still free after 6-month investigations.

Ramin Fallah: Anybody who violates the rule should be legally treated; and it does not matter whether the crime is big or small. Small cases of crime will lead to great felonies. The small crimes should be addressed based on conventional procedures so that the crime-committers’ deeds are corrected and the crime is not committed again. The committers of big crimes, however, should be treated by retribution. We have set tough conditions for 3- or 5-million Toman loans but someone cheat the banking system. Many do not see the other side of the coin. Judicial system and Security system forces have taken back not only 3000 billion dollars but also the 4.700-billion dollar embezzlement.

They took back the money from the very group?

Ramin Fallah: Yes, they took the money back from Khosravi Ariya’s group. They did not let them eat the money.

Ahmadinejad’s government was supposed to be the assembly of the sacred figures. Why did it lead to corruption?

Ramin Fallah: I don’t know. He left behind the principles we had set. In the last one or two years of his government period, the members of Front of Islamic Revolution Stability opposed him due to the deviated stream he was following and his opinionated character.

You are now a member of “The Worried” group. Did not you worry about the issues within the last eight years?

Ramin Fallah: I did.

So why no meeting of the “worried party” was held?

Ramin Fallah: It was held in another form. We conveyed our comments to the government in other meetings. Imagine that a meeting of worried party is held. What’s going to be proposed in that meeting? The so-called “worried figures” stated that they were worried that the negotiations would not lead to the very primary agreements. You do not know everything. They, now, seek for the final results. The primary result was obtained in December, 2013. You should read the sources to know about the primary agreement.

The government states something else.

Ramin Fallah: It does not matter what is says.

You mean that the government does not declare the exact happenings to people, don’t you?

Ramin Fallah: Yes, I do.

You mean that the government tells lie to people, don’t you?

Ramin Fallah: No! It does not tell lie but it does not notify people about every happenings.

So, the government hides something.

Ramin Fallah: I don’t want to exactly say that “it hides something”. I just mean that it does not notify people every happenings.

It has hidden a part of truth.

Ramin Fallah: I’ve got nothing more to say. There is a difference between lying and hiding.

In a meeting held in National Security Commission, Mr. Zarif declared the exact issues in the presence of you.

Ramin Fallah: Who has said so? We have always discusses with him, in the Commission, about the primary results of negotiations.

You talked to each other. He made, also, a complain and said: “our private words do not yet come out of our mouth but they are published everywhere”. Is that true?

Ramin Fallah: He was asked to personally tells the exact issues, himself.

The statement of primary agreements published by State Department of USA was more close to reality. Is that true?

Ramin Fallah: Yes, this is true. Mr. Zarif sent the result of negotiations to Mr. Larijani and the statement was provided in both English and Persian languages. What was published by State Department of USA was more close to reality. We opine that our negotiators should be as brave as they were in the previous round of negotiations.

You support Mr. Jalili, don’t you?

Ramin Fallah: Yes, I do because he has been being a member of Basij militia since his youth.

Did you confirm him as a president?

Ramin Fallah: I did not agree with his candidacy in presidential election.

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